September 21, 2009

Monday, Monday

Well, thank goodness it isn't a 100 degrees out.  Our AC just fried. Belly up.  It isn't supposed to get very warm today, or the rest of the week til maybe the weekend.  Thanks, weather! We appreciate the cool.
Mama gotted more (!!!) pillows for the couch.  And found out our old vacuum devil died, too. Since she just does the couch cushions and the rocking chair cushions, this isn't major.  And she found a handholded refurbished one on for around $20 and ordered it.
She goes to the doctors tomorrow for a check up.  She's on some new meds and they wanted her to check in.  On one paw, they are okay. On the other paw, they are creating a mess with her glucose levels. We will see what the doc says.
Today she had problems ordering one of her insulins.  The insurants beans said it was too early to refill.  We thought if you needed it it got refilled. Sheesh.  So mama called the diabetes clinic and explained the problem and they faxed a new order to the pharmacy so the insurants will be happy.
Mama has to stop at Target tomorrow on her way home besides the pharmacy cause we are out of Dentabites.  Right now I am just getting regular Temptations, which are okay, but I really like my Dentabites, mom.
If you noticed, we have a pumpkin and some gourds and leaves on one of the sidebars to celebrate autumn.  We love autumn.  Such beautiful tree colors!  It's snuggle weather, too. The sidebar picture is supposed to be animated, but we don't know what happened to make it not.  But it still is pretty.
Autumn starts tomorrow.
My Sugar Pie's family has been sick, but they are better. That's why they haven't been around for the longest time.  A whole week I had to gaze at pictures of my sweetie and wonder how he was.  Speaking of my sweetie, did you see the new sign I made for the side bar?  I am really learning to write good, huh!
The color is much better with the colors on the blog now.
See you soon,

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