September 4, 2010

Saturday Stuff and a Plea for Help for a Woofie!

Oh, hey.  Tracie was here yesterday!  She is sooo sweet. But for some odd reason she moves my litterbox every time she is here. Mama moves it back to where it belongs every time Tracie leaves.
People were wearing jackets yesterday cause it wasn't even 70 degrees here.  I really loved my daybed yesterday. Nice and warm.  Including the green plaid. Sigh. Mama, where's the pink blankie? Or even the yellow one?  Or the grey throw that matches me? Where? I want them.  Get them out of the closet!

Mama has been on a real writing kick the last couple of days.  Letters to the Governor, to one of the major twin cities papers, a major twin cities television station, and also the local community paper (although that was on something purely local, not really political). Yesterday she felt a little drained until Tracie camed over.  Or maybe it was the Peppermint Mocha international coffee she had two cups of. Tee Hee.
~Now for the woofie story~
Mama has also been on FaceBook, which is not usual for her, but that was because she has been tracking a lost dog to see if anyone has sighted her. 
The last episode of Last Chance Highway told about a rescued dog named Hope.  She was cleaned up and sent from the south to be adopted in NY City. She slipped her collar and was found again in upstate NY.  Once again adopted, she slipped her collar again and no one has seen her since.
Keep your eyes open for this lovely dog if you live in the area.  She needs another chance!!!

(and her facebook page which has more pictures. Yes she is white, not yellow like some of the pics)

Mama leaked from her eyes when she heard what Hope's life has been like, and now Hope is alone again. Please help if you can. Contact if sighted: helpfindhope at gmail dot com


Jans Funny Farm said...

Poor Hope. We hope she is found and is okay.

Your mom has been very busy. We hope she gets some good answers.

The Lee County Clowder said...

We hope Hope is found fine and healthy.

It kinda sounds like Hope has someone or something she wants or needs somewhere in upstate NY.

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Thanks fur the visit and fur sharing this -

We've joined the FB group and will share the story with furiends -

Mom followed Chapel's story - she eskhaped during a transport and was on the run fur 3 weeks and 3 days - she was rekhaptured - khontinued onto her foster home and has now been permanently adopted -

Paws khrossed!


AFSS said...

We hope HOPE is found soon and that she is OK. Our Mom is on FB so we will get her to follow the story and do what we can to get the word out.