September 20, 2011

It broked!

Mommy's tv broked.  She is going crazy.  We really can't afford another one, but what can you do? She misses some of her programs that she can't get on line.  Like Eastenders. I think this month's foods order will be really little.  Again.  At least I have nuff of what I need, foods and litter and Denties.  But maybe not mama. But mama needs her tv. Hey, it's driving ME crazy!
Sheesh. The tv is umpteen oodles of years old. 
Talk about hogging the puter. That's all the entertainment we have.  At least we can play movies and stuff on it.  But blogging??? I hope so.
Life in the modern world, mama said.
Wish we had birdies and squirrels.  That might help.


Unknown said...

Sorry about your tv, I have a suggestion though, if you can't afford a new tv then try looking in the free section of craigslist. My human got her son one from there of course our city and state but it works great for being free.

Purrs & Cuddles

Angel Prancer Pie said...

That's too bad about mom's tv! Why does she need tv when she has you to look at? My mom is attached to her tv too. Humans and their crazy technology!

Jans Funny Farm said...

Your mom has been having a series of setbacks. We think it would be so nice if a new tv would just walk in your front door and introduce itself. But since that isn't too likely, we hope something will work out so she won't have to go without something else she needs.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Hey, Brandi. Purrrrrring that you and your mama can work something out. Are there any second hand or pawn shops around close? Sometimes you can land something there, if you don't mind double checking everything about the TV. The rental and rent-to-own places can get expensive, but they might be worth checking out for at least a few months.

Glad your mama seems to be doing better with her insolution.