August 4, 2012

Good Stuff/Bad Stuff! In other words, LIFE

Here it is, lunchtime for mom and it is 70 degrees here! Wow!  Not 92, 70! Course it's rainy out and gray, but who cares? It's 70.
Great thing to wake up to this morning.  That, and mom curled up in a blankie.  Yes, of course I was on the corner of the bed! I love blankies!
Wish we had newer pictures to show you, but our camera is still dead, and intsurance, medicines and foodies have priority over buying a new camera. So mom is digging into her file of old ones. And, no, we don't have a cell phone that takes pictures.
Can you believe August  marks 5 years here in our beautiful partment? My, how things have changed here. Daybed instead of bed and couch, a room of my own, hundreds of books now in storage, and broken down bookcases in the closet (they snap together), Christmas stuff in storage (whoops, mom), new kitchen. And of course, heat in the winter and air coolie thingy in the summer that works. We are minus two lamps (mom broke them, not me!), the big stereo and records are in storage, my footstool and bed and heated sheepskin and one of my favorite blankies are gone (decision of management, not us). Mom gaved up on ironing the stupid table cloth (okay, it is pretty and was a bargain at the neighborhood thrift store for a whole dollar), and just uses placemats, now. Actually, mom sorta gaved up ironing much of anything, any more.  There are a couple of things she irons, but she doesn't wear them that often.  Wonder why? And of course, mom is home, now unless she has pointments or meetings or errands or movie nights or such. And we have more bugs (!), and are getting new elevators in the building (the ones we have shake, rattle and have minds of their own sometimes), and they haven't washed windows on the outside since we camed here (yuk, but it's expensive, I hear, and budgets are tight all over).
All in all, good stuff.  For the most part, right? Except for the green papers we need. Mom's still behind in intsurance, and knows they are gonna start complaining more, and we haven't seen yogurt in quite a while, or a lot of other foodies. And mama needs new clothes (I don't understand that one, beans should just grow furs then they wouldn't have to worry about clothes unless they feel like dressing up), and new shoes (duh), and a camera. And I need a vet visit and some medicines, too.
Whew.  I'm really wordy today. Nuff!  Mama's getting tired of typing and needs lunch. I hear it's soup. Maybe chicken?
Have a lovely Saturday. Pictures tomorrow, maybe. And less typing for mom.


Katie Isabella said...

Dear sweet little one. Our love to you both. Really.

By the way, if your mommy would like, she can go to my mom's Flickr page and see lots of trees, landscapes and flowers that momma taked pitchurs of. MOm can send her an invitation to her Flcker page but she will beed an email. If your mom wants to, she can email my mom at caroletn AT yahoo DOT com and mom will send the invitation.

Brian's Home Blog said...

Well there is a lot of good Brandi and you make the world a better place!

The Lee County Clowder said...

Hang in there, Brandi & Mama. Things should get better sometime soon.

Why would management even care about your blankets or bed?

Shaggy and Scout said...

Mom agrees about wishing she could just grow fur and be done with the clothes thing. Life would be simpler!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Sweet Brandi, it's nice to recognize the good, when there's a lot of bad around. We hope things start looking better fur you and your sweet Mama soon. xoxo

Jans Funny Farm said...

We hope the good outweighs the bad and you have lots of smiles together.