December 1, 2014

Monday Mutters

We appreciate your suggestions and what we are asking for is kind of short term help. $300 would help us cover this  month’s insulin on our present prescription drug insurance and the first month of next year with our new insurance program’s annual deductions. That is it. After that Mommy can handle everything. Can you imagine what it would be like if we didn’t have the government’s “extra help”?
Mommy has researched insulin help for several years. There is none if you are already insured. That’s the catch. We have insurance, so there is no help. Crazy, isn’t it? If you live on a fixed income and are anywhere above the poverty line you do not qualify for medical assistance from the county or state, and all the inexpensive or free help for insulin is for people without insurance. Mommy calls that “catch 21” I think. Or “22”. Or something. I forget. Peoples have weird words sometimes!
Medical Advantage plans—that is what she was on last year, and it got to be way too expensive, if you can believe that. Mommy had to drop it. She investigated the SilverScript prescription plan, but oddly enough they don’t cover the type of insulin she takes at all. Her regular medical insurance has been really great and we are keeping it. The new prescription drug plan (after she pays the annual deduction) sounds like a better plan for her medicines. The “extra help” takes a chunk out of that, thank goodness!
Mommy has been an advocate of help for diabetics, and now senior diabetic assistance, for years. Write your congresspersons. Call them (Mommy has!). Our congresspersons have been working on a plan to close that “donut hole” or at least make it not so big a hole. We wish the major insulin makers would allow generic ones that would cost less.  But that would cut drastically into their profits! So, insulin remains a big expense for diabetics. All the other medications she takes ARE generic, thank Cod.
I do have to tell you that Mommy fell yesterday and couldn’t get up right away. She wishes she had a wheel chair or even a walker she could occasionally sit in. But she doesn’t. She has balance problems. I was so upset when she fell and tried so many times to get up. I couldn’t help. After a long time she did make it up. She was shaken and found some place to sit down right away. Today she kind of hurts all over.
Oddly enough during the time she was on the floor yesterday her phone rang (nowhere near her) and she found out later that it was the pharmacy wondering if she had figured stuff out, cause this month’s insulin is sitting at the pharmacy waiting for her. I think she is getting kind of unsteady on her feet and should have help. We’ll see. Something to work on next year.
Pleasant stuff: Uh, its cold out and we are nice and warm? That really is a big help in Minnesota in the winter! We are nice and warm.  Mommy actually has a fan turned on lots of time! I heard that her last apartment was very cold in the wintertime. So she is really happy she found this place. It is comfy! I would have to agree! Sometimes our toes are cold, but there are warm things to sit on!
Mommy laughs at me cause I sit in “her” new living room chair a lot. But it is MY chair, right? I thought so.  She has the office chair! She can get a wheel chair or a walker she can sit in. I love my chair. It is sooo comfy. So there! Get me a cat tree! Then maybe I’ll let you sit in the chair more. Oh, I know. We can’t afford it. As Nissy would say, Mouses! My boxes are not that comfy, but at least they exist!
We have the bug guys from maintenance coming this week. We are so glad they try to keep up with any problems and do preventative care, too.
Mommy does have to go to the clinic this week to see her diabetic nurse, who is trying to see if they have any samples of insulin Mommy can have. It would only be about a week’s worth, maybe, but a help!

Whew. I had a lot to say for a kitty, didn’t I!
Have a good week, and keep warm.
Love ya,


The Daily Pip said...

Sorry times are so tough for you! Paws and fingers crossed that you find help with your I insulin soon

Anonymous said...

Oh sweet Quinn we didn't mean to sound mean, we wuz just twyin' to help. Weez in da same boat as you awe 'cept ow pawt D is purretty good fwu dat Silver Scwipt. Oh and OMC yous all need to get outta dat pawful cold place and come further Souff. MOL Mommy falls fwu most of da cwacks too, so weez not get much help wiff udder medical like hers eyes and teef (she has a foo teefies wiff holes in 'em dat hurt purretty bad). We sure wish we kuld do sumfin' to help y'all out and to get you a twee. Weez wanted one furever, sis Lexi had wanted one since hers wuz born and we finally got one last year. Only took 15 years fur sis Lexi to get one, so weez wish you good luck. Weez'll purray fur y'all and we know God will purrvide. Now to da wheelchair, Medicare duz pay fur those ifin yous doctor orders it. But once they buy yous a wheelchair they will never buy a walker or cane or any udder walkin' assistant or pay towards a lift chair. But they also buy those ifin yous wanna stawt wiff one of those. Again, yous doctor has to purrscwibe them first. And yous not wanna use a wheelchair fur sittin' long term cuz they're fur sure not comfy and wuld be bad fur yous diabetic neuropathy. And me knows weez asked afur but hav furgotten. Purrlease furgiv meez mommy's memowy, but what is yous litter? (da one yous like). (weez got a small gift cawd weez might kuld help.)

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi

Lone Star Cats said...

Sorry times are tuff for y'all. Sendin purrs.

pilch92 said...

Quinn, you are adorable and sweet. That is sad that if you have insurance you can't get help, I don't understand why they would deprive someone in need. Too bad you can't move to Massachusetts,our health care is amazing.

Cathy Keisha said...

The drug companies are out of control and no one wants to regulate them. I hope everything works out.

Anonymous said...

Hello Carol,

I have read your last several posts and wondered how you are coming on having enough money to pay for your insulin. How much do you still need? Please let us know what progress has been made.

Hoping things are getting better,

Marty the Manx said...

Sorry you fell Carol. Hope you didn't hurt anything. Purrs and prayers for you two.
Marty and Mom

Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs said...

Our meowmy sure hopes that somehow your needs will be met, God will provide the way.

Sending lots of big purrs & hugs.