October 25, 2015

Easy Sunday

Hey, this isn't me! Mommy just thinks it's cute.
Hello again. It's Easy Sunday around here again. Well, we've been easy for a while, cause of my Mommy's been sick. She still wishes someone would come and deliver hot meals, but that's not happening. And she checked out the meal delivery plans for seniors and they are much too expensive for our budget. But a couple who live here in the building have come over and cleaned the floors and taken out the garbage, and that is a big help!
The weather has gotten cooler here, but we still have one window open a little in the living room. Fall whiffs are certainly interesting!
One of Mommy's old school friends (from way back in the dark ages) is sending us something, but isn't telling us what.  Wonder wonder what it is???? Probably a silly thing from their school or something.
Mommy is on some new medicines now, but the doctor said it will take a while to notice anything, and if there is bad stuff happening, let the clinic know immediately.
That's all the news we have, really. Thank you all for your patience and good thoughts and prayers. We will try to keep up with my blog. Anyone know if those Dragon things that you can talk into and it writes what you say in your puter  speaks Cat??? Wow, that would make a lot of us do happy dances!!!
Love ya,

We apologize for our linkie saying Caturday Calling. Our USB cord   connection to the keyboard  in the back of our computer refused to work this morning. Now we have a second keyboard, but when that wouldn't work either we switched USB ports.  This has happened to our sound once before so we thought of this right away. Mommy hates this keyboard but didn't want to change it back cause she got tired.. This was sposed to be an automatic publishing, and that worked, but the keyboard didn't work this morning.
Computers are WEIRD!


Mickey's Musings said...

Quinn, we are happy to see you and glad to hear you and your Mom are doing OK.
We purr the new meds help your Mom. It is nice that there are some people to help out with some chores too.
We will keep you both in our thoughts and purrayers.
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

Deziz World said...

Weez glad to hear dat fiings be goin' sumwhat alwight. Weez had puter purroblems this last week too. But dat sumtimes happen when we have storms. We hope yous mommy's new medicine works out fur her, and dat was weally pawsum of da neighbors to come over and help. Sorry those meal plans didn't work out. Weez not sure who they be fur, cuz everypawdy we know is like us and has no money. Don't know ifin yous state has a purrogwam fur meals on wheels, but yous might check into dat. Our state cut back da funds fur those hot meals so we can't get those fur mommy eever. But mommy sez dat's okay so long as we have noms. Y'all have a good week. Sendin' purrayers.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi

pilch92 said...

I wish I lived near you to bring some meals over. You are doing a great job taking care of your Mom.

Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs said...

Aww, sorry your Mom is sick still. We will purr hard and meowmy will pray that you get better soon. If those peeps can clean your den couldn't they bring a hot meal too?? Like maybe even some leftovers from their dinners?? They used to do things like that where my grand-peeps lived way befur our time...and the building even had a cafeteria where you could go with your tray and fill up on the leftovers, OMC!!

Vanessa Morgan said...

I hope your mommy gets well soon. Hugs.

Katie Isabella said...

Tell your mommy I hope and so does my mommy that she feels better soon. When mommy was down and out with the sciatica she hadda ask some friends to help. xxoox