May 31, 2020


One more night of hysterics.  One man arrested, was down on the ground surrounded by 4 police. One decided to kneel on the man who was handcuffed already. He said he couldn't breathe, but was ignored until he really couldn't breathe. Ever again. There was a police station destroyed and riots and looting and fires, One officer fired, 3 others suspended.
Civil disobedience is fine, Walk through the streets, say a short message together, sing a respectful song.  S0me brave people were doing just that tonight. H00ray for them.  Others decided to hurt their neighbors. Booooooo!
Pray, don't hurt.
Quinnie and mom Carol

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Mickey's Musings said...

We purr that cooler,calmer humans prevail.
What happened was horrible.Now, people need to work towards a more accepting society.
They could learn from cats.
We fight and then it's over and we are friends again ;)
Stay safe.
Purrs,Georgia and Julie