December 4, 2007

Tuesday Stuff

Oh, my. It has been snowing all day.... Mama had to go to the doctor and ...yea... get new meds. Her insurance is finally here! It took her almost an hour and a half to get home, she told me. The busses weren't running on time, traffic was yucky, and all I know is I waited a squillion long time for her to get home!

She has to stay late tomorrow to make up the time, so I will see her really late again.

The book we are reading? Why, We are the Kitties and We Writed You this Book. What else would mama and I be reading??

Warm home, snow, snow, snuggles, and sweet dreams of my Sugar Pie! Wow!

Love to you all,


Unknown said...

I do not like it when My Lady doesn't come home when she is supposed to. It makes me really mad.

Sunny's Mommy said...

That's great news your Mama got her insurance in place, saw the doctor and got her new meds! I'm sorry that means she'll be really late coming home from work today though.

I have to order that book. It sounds like the most excellent book ever published!

Boy said...

Poor Bwandi, having so wittle Mama time!

Tesla and Hansel said...

snow snow i love snow!

thanks for welcoming me to blogsville!

Max said...