November 1, 2009

Sunday SNooze

Hope the goblins didn't get you last night!
Our night was fairly quiet.  Mama watched the Ghost Hunters for hours.  But she took time to pet me and pay some attention to me. And share her foodies.
Yesterday she unbagged some of her stuff. Laundry. Just had to. There's only so long beans can be without "things". Okay, it was blankets, throws,  towels and bed linen, and it meant a lot more room in here and the linen closet is full again. I get it.  And it did mean my kitty lounger was unpacked. We had our laundry done, cause it was every piece of cloth material in every shape and form that we needed done.  Bags and bags of clothes, linens.... and items that mama donated to the needy.
We still don't have our daybed.  Supposedly it will be delivered Tuesday. If F***x  feels like it.
The more important news is that new kitty litter and kittycat litter liners are coming Tuesday! Oh, and about the fifth or so attempt to do our radiator covers is Tuesday.
Wednesday mama goes to the clinic again.
So Thursday we will probably get the bed, maybe, huh? If we are lucky?? Then mama has to put it together. I think I will hide.


Us4 Cats said...

our bean watched ghost hunters too. she watches every halloween. it was a good one this year she said, kinda interesting. we watched it wit her for a bit ut gotted scared.

The Island Cats said...

We had lots of trick or treaters...I was mostly scared of them coming to the door. They make so much noise! Wally was much braver...he wanted to go out and join them. Mom wouldn't let him, of course. I'm just glad it's over!

Hope that bed comes for you real soon!!

Mr. Hendrix said...

We watched Ghost Hunters too! I felt awfully close to you Saturday and now I know why, we were watching the same show. I get put in my safe room when the little beans come so they don't bother me or scare me. I also can't slip out the door.
I hope you get the bed soon! It is not fair you don't have a brand new daybed to rest your pretty head on. purrrrrrs
We hope your mommy feels good and her clinic appnt goes well. Is there anything you need? Can we send you anything?

Mr. Hendrix said...

hi sweetie! i am having my birthday party today. can you come? i'd love to see you purrrrrrrrrrrrrs