November 22, 2009


Of course I did my duty waking up mama this morning. She is fairly well trained, but sometimes it takes a few loud meows. She gotted up and filled my water dish and my foodie bowl.  Then she turned on the computer for me. Course she has to do her medical stuff first, check her levels and take her shot, and take her pills.  I understand that.  But here she is, helping me read some of the blogs and typing this for me.
Yesterday she cleaned the pantry out. Today she says she is going to do that silly thing called ironing.  Honestly.  If humans would only grow some furs they wouldn't need clothes and grooming would be easy with a little help from us!
It's foggy and there seems to be chances of showers today, so I am going to stay warm and dry and take lots of naps.
Mama still hasn't found her camera disc, but it hasn't stopped her from taking lots of pictures of me.  They are waiting to get out, mama.  Show them and be done with all this silly paparatzie stuff!
Remember the Coalition of Cats Against Cameras!
We will try to add some new linkies today.  The last few days Blogger hasn't let us.  Could we have too many?? Never!!
 p.s. if you know how we got the pictures in our regular bloglist and none in the favorites (we prefer none. Our lists are long enough), please let us know.  The bloglist code for each is the same. First we can't add links and now we get pictures. Thanks.
p.p.s. never mind the bloglist problem.  My silly mama actually figured it out herself.


The Island Cats said...

Sounds like you have a lot of snooervising to do today, Brandi...with all the cleaning your mom's been doing!

Milo and Alfie said...

Hi Brandi,

We hope yoo have a lovely Sunday!

Rupert said...

Where is this Coalition of Cats Against Cameras?

I want to join!

Paws 'n Claws,

Teddy Westlife said...

You have a big job of snoozervising this week Brandi.
And there is no such thing as too many links on your blog :)