December 12, 2009

Traffic Jam!

This is actually a picture from Wednesday. We had pictures of the snow, but mama didn't choose this one. Thern she thought differently. We had a traffic jam on our side street! There is seldom more than two or three cars on this street at a time.  Mama just had to take a picture, as this was really unusual, and she decided it had to be posted.
It has been very cold here, but improving a little.
They predict a very cold day on Tuesday.  That's the day mama has to take her three busses to the doctor and another one to a meeting. She will have to dress very warm, and take care. I will be home, of course. Making myself snuggly warm.  For mama, of course. When she comes home.


Kea said...

Tell you mom to wear long johns. My kitties and I live in southeastern Ontario and I always have to dress in at least 3 layers all winter.

Everyone stay warm and safe!

The Island Cats said...

Our mom says snow always causes traffic problems!