December 20, 2009

Sunday Stuff

It's not exactly Sunny today, but it is warmer. We are anxiously awaiting Chrissymouse.  We have a couple more videos to play if you like.  We're having a hard time trying to post them, however. Here's one (we hope):

Yea!It worked. Mama sang this version in her high school glee club a squillion years ago. Enjoy


Kea said...

I've never heard it sung before; cool. I love choral performances, especially this time of year. :-)

It's still cold here, too, windchill around -7C now, which is better than the -19C and -14C windchill we've been having. Ugh. Can't wait for Spring! LOL. My fur "kids" will be thrilled when the warmer weather gets here, too, in, oh, another 4 or 5 months....

Harry Spotter said...

Beautiful musice thanks for posting it. Only a few more until Chrissymouse arrives. Hope you get everything on your list.