October 19, 2009

Monday, Monday

Well, we found a purrty daybed.  One that has a good steel base and includes a mattress, too.  We are going to get rid of the bed and couch I think tomorrow, and this daybed can be delivered in 3-5 days, we think.  We haven't ordered it yet, but we shopped around and the one company has the bestest deal--including free delivery and free mattress.  We do have to buy a plastic cover for the mattress (now required in our building) and then a regular mattress pad for it.  A nice gentleman who sells the mattresses said the plastic cover would be hot, so adding the mattress pad would be a good idea.
Sooner or later we have to get a purrty daybed cover and definitely a skirt for the thing.  Mama likes the daybed she found and the name they gaved it--Camelot. I think she should just use the pretty pink quilt we already have, but she wants something "more sofisticated" for the living room.
Such bad news about the couch and bed, but mama has wanted a daybed just forever.
As for being a "long seat", mama likes putting her legs up anyway, and we are getting rid of the footstool. So she thinks she won't mind.  And we have pillows.  We might get one of those long ones sometime for the back...
That's the news. 


meemsnyc said...

Our mommy thinks daybeds are cool. Enjoy!

Motor Home Cats said...

We are glad that your mama found a daybed. Just make sure she gets something firm for her back - the bars of the daybed can be brutal - mol.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

Mickey's Musings said...

Oooooo!! A daybed sounds nice!! You can have lots of pretty pillows :)
We hope those buggies stay away and you and your Mom enjoy the daybed!!
We hope you both are keeping well.
Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie