October 6, 2009

Rainy day

Mama had a nice wet day today. She gotted to go to the eye doctor and have lunch at the Starbucks down the street from that office.  Oohh, they have the wheat bread she loves!!
Then she wented to Target to get some stuff (boring stuff like tissues and  folders and a dumb day planner for next year--she thinks she is getting organized).  Then she camed home and the cleaning lady with the smelly good ecological cleany stuff called and is coming on the 22nd. 
They we get to see who we like better.
Mama stays home tomorrow and I hear sun is coming for tomorrow. Then, when she has to go out on Thursday it's gonna rain again.
I like having her home in the rain.  Phooey.  But she IS home tomorrow. Moving stuff again, for the radiator guy.  He's picky.  There can't be anything within 3 feet of the radiators when he works.  And we have a little tiny apartment.  Sheesh. Are we gonna be squished.  He better show up and get it over with is all I can say!

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