October 10, 2009

News Update

Well. It snowed this morning!!! But it melted away!!! But it's coming again on Monday!!!
My mommy was in the hospital for a couple days cause her heart had troubles, but she gaved me food and water before she left. She is at home again. They gaved her different medicines in the hospital.
They haven't finished the radiator covers in our apartment because they founded bugs in it, and we have to be debugged. 
Mama *gulp* gotted a new camera.  I have to be prepared to run a lot.  She'll be ruining my nappies!!
We haven't put much back til they come debug and finish the covers.  It's like living in a warehouse, with all the furniture in the middle of the place!
We will probably see on Monday what they will be doing for the bugs and radiators now.  Mama was in the hospital Friday, so she couldn't get that information.
That's the news. Oh, yeah, the camera is really small and pink and turns on real quiet.  The other made noise. Now she can be sneaky!


Jans Funny Farm said...

We hope your mom is okay.

We don't like snow but guess it snows early in MN.

We notice your comment in the sidebar about this blog template being easy to work with. Where did you get it? We think it's neat, but Jan is afraid of messing it up if she tries to change our template.

meemsnyc said...

Wow!! Snow already! We are not ready for winter yet. Sorry to hear that your mommy was in the hospital. Hope she is feeling better!

caspersmom said...

I really like your new look Brandi, it is really pretty. Sure hope your Mom feels better really soon and also to get your place in order soon. My Mom would love to get another camera that doesn't make noise. But the one she has will have to do.


Mr. Hendrix said...

oh sweetie! we hope your mommy is all better now. would you like me to come over and help you snuggle with her and purr on her? my mommy said it is OK for me to come a couple of times if you want.

i hope you are very warm even tho it is cold outside. maybe you can help the men catch the bugs. i do like to catch and eat them. especially spiders.

i know you don't like the camera, neither do i, but i do love pictures of you! the one below of you enjoying the sun...sigh. i wonder if you could see me from way up high