May 28, 2011

Hello on Saturday

My mama's eye is still funny. Something came off some fluid in the back of her eye and is floating around. It doesn't mean a detached renta (?) it is just crappy.  It can take up to a year to disappear on it's own. Mama says "follow the bouncing ball, and follow and follow and follow"
If mama stares straight ahead, it disappears.  But if she is watching tv or reading or something like that, she gets the bouncing ball.  I told her it doesn't hurt anything to stare straight ahead. Cats do it all the time. Then we fall asleep. She says sometimes that is not an option for beans. Like when they read or watch tv or cook yummy foods, or feed kitty cats. She asked me if I really wanted to have her stare straight ahead, fall asleep, and NOT feed me. Hmmmmmm. Guess not.
It is bright and sunny here, and the sunbeams are so nice. So I am getting nice and toasty. Mama played a movie called "The Sting" last night. Now, who would want to watch somebuddy get stinged in the first place? Again, beans are WEIRD.
Have a nice long weekend.


Katnip Lounge said...

Your Mom has a point about the staring...and yes, beans are verreh strange.

Unknown said...

Beans are weird. Sorry to hear about your mom's eye. Hopefully that will clear up soon.

Mr. Hendrix said...

aw, your poor mommy. that would drive mine crazy. i'm glad she decided to keep doing stuff so she doesn't just stare into space and fall asleep. you need your scritches and temptations and stinky foods.


we are glad she doesn't need any kind of surgeree. it was nice seeing you the other day. ((hugs)) to you and your mommy

Rene said...

Oh, we hope your mom's eye gets better soon. That must be so frustrating for her. said...

yea, poor mom, get well soon.