May 23, 2011

Monday Stuff

Wow! What a weekend we had! Saturday mama  got to go to a volunteer dinner downstairs in the community room. Everyone who volunteers here got to go, whether they help out in the flower gardens (we usually at least have flowers around the flagpole in the front, and a small heart shaped flower bed on the side), fixing things like a special cover for the billiards table in the community room, helping security, making sure the laundry room is clean, having a monthly birthday cake for beans, cooking for various special functions, helping the neighborhood food shelf, sending cards to hospitalized residents, running vesper services on Sunday, or running the movie night like mama does.  They had a choice of food: ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs, beans, potato chips and two kinds of salad and watermelon for dessert. Of course, mama didn't bring me anything, but that was okay.  I don't volunteer to do anything but  be mama's beautiful diva, and I get lots of Denties for that every day. She also won a door prize ( a purse) and got to pick out a piece of jewelry (earrings), and got to take some of the bread home. Okay, the ciabatta bread was interesting. 
Then camed Sunday afternoon with the bad storms. There were bad tornados south of where mama grew up in Missouri. They crushed Joplin, Missouri, even the high school and the hospital! There were tornados here, and north Minneapolis was badly hit. We live east of there, so we managed to stay relatively safe.
We are praying (and purring) for all the beans and furry things that lost their homes, and are grateful we still have ours. And I stayed close to mama when the sirens for bad weather  sounded and the rain beated against our windows.
After the bad storms out camed the sun, of course, and we are thankful we got some sunshine, but it was in the late afternoon, and I don't get sunbeams in the afternoon.  Still, it was very nice after such a bad day.
It's supposed to rain again today, but I don't think we are getting the bad storms. Another thing to be grateful for!
We're getting some groceries today, and that's about all the news.
Please purr for all the beans and animals who need help after the bad storms. Some don't even have a place to call home anymore.
Count yourself very lucky if you do.


Unknown said...

We're so glad to hear that you're OK. We'll definitely add to our prayers all the one who were affected by the storm.

Brian said...

My sisters and I are all purring for everyone in the tornado zone. How very sad.

Rene said...

We are glad you both are safe. There have been some scary storms across the US this year. That's exciting that your mom won a purse! Maybe she'll share a photo of it?

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Glad to see woo are okay!

We were worried about our pals in The TC area of MN -

As fur Joplin, it makes us so sad - so furry sad -


Katnip Lounge said...

Brandi, we ar purring very hard, too. And we're glad that you and your Mom are safe!