December 1, 2011

Wednesday Woes on Thursday

Downtown as seen from the lounge upstairs

We are back home.  It was very very boring upstairs.  Also, they didn't tell mama that the microwave was gone, and all she had was a package of cheese and crackers that she was going to use as a snack, and that became her lunch. So no soup for us.
They do feed you at the senior place next door when you can't be in your partment cause of work being done, which is very nice of them, but she can't bring me in there so that wouldn't work. She also is not allowed to just leave me while she gets the food and brings it back to the lounge.  Whew!
I had food. And Denties. But poor mama with her diabetes. Cheese and crackers and some glucose tablets.  She didn't dare take any insulin. If you are a diabetic you know why. Definitely not enough carbs for insulin to work on.
We had 8 hrs of this prison.  She had a book and a phone, thank goodness, and when I gotted crabby she took me out of my PTU (which is illegal.  All cats have to be in PTUs when not in their partments here) and cuddled me. And of course, cleanned up my pee after I went in the PTU (well, Where Else was I sposed to go??)
When we got back to our wonderful partment (and had to clean up after all the people who worked in it) we ated the soup. 
Not a nice day.
Mama is still cleaning up the mess here.
At least Tracie is coming this afternoon. It snowed overnight, but only a little bit, so she should be able to get here with absolutely no problems.
I need more cuddles.


Tober the Cat said...

Oooh that's terrible you had to be in your PTU all day--I'm so glad your mama took you out for some cuddles. I hope your weekend is much better!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

We are so sorry you were so inconvenienced today. The lounge needs to haf more kitteh-furriendly rules and amenities. Glad you are back home. xoxo

Motor Home Cats said...

Brandi - we are wondering...Do you have to be in a PTU, or just contained in an enclosure??? If you just need to be contained in an enclosure, Mom has a pop-up large dog kennel that folds up to about a 10" circle that's about an inch thick, but when opened, is large enough to put a small litter box in and still have room for you to move around in. If that is something you would be able to use while you are out of your apartment like you were, Mom would be happy to send it to you. We don't have any more use for it, since Tavi was the only one allowed out in it. If you want to see pictures of it, go here and look at the top picture.

Cody and Gracie