November 4, 2006

Beautiful Fall Saturday--Fall is Back!

Yeah, it's warm again. 51 degrees right now! Nice nappies in the sun!!!

Mama left me home this morning to go out with another friend of hers. They went to the Great Harvest Bread Company. Do you have one near you? They are full of wonderful things! Mama gotted a round loaf of bread filled with globs of cheddar cheese and flavored with garlic. She also bought a couple of scones (they are very good), and some soft wheat bread sticks (mama loves these). If you have one of these stores near you (try an internet search), they are wonderful. They will also mail out bread and stuff. They have daily and weekly and monthly specials.

When mama gotted home there was a package. It was from Max and Buddah. Thank you, thank you! It had a furry thing, a cat dancer, and some fancy Fancy Feast ( I get to try some for dinner tonight) and even something for mama.

Won't that bread taste good with a little hamm and turkey? Huh, mama? Huh?

love, purrs, headbumpies and a special thank you to Max and Buddah and their mom for making our day,


Edsel/The Pooch said...

oh, that bread sounds very good. my Mom is making some funny sounding soup called borscht tomorrow and got some rolls with seeds and hard crusts. she said they'll be good with it. i don't know, those seeds look funny

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the warmer weather is back for you. Did you have lots of fun with the furry thing and the cat dancer? Was the Fancy Feast good? The best of luck to you and your Mama.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Hey, Brandi -

We got to the party really late, but we heard the buzz about you and Mr. Hendrix. That's great! He sounds like a fun guy.


caspersmom said...

Funny how the weather changes so much. Right now we are having O.K. weather. Finally got a little rain that we needed. Mom said her mouth was watering reading about the bread with the cheese in it. She said she has never heard of that company but she is going to try and look it up. Mom also said she is sorry that your Mom hasn't found her job yet. Prayers going up again.