November 3, 2006

Friday Update

Mama didn't get the other job either. No one called today. Course, she didn't sit around home, either. She wented out with a friend today and brought home some food(Alley Cat, too. She remembered!), and a bear. We don't need any more bears. Even though it was very inexpensive ($1.69) and has a cute Christmas Tree sweater. No more stupid bears, mama, there is a rule about that!

If mama was to buy me a flannel shirt or jacket or what ever, what are kitty sizes anyway?? And where would she shop? She found some doggie sweaters today, but didn't think I would want one. Not a doggie one! She has a flannel robe and I love that. It is so warm. And of course a flannel blanket that is draped over the computer chair! Maybe that's enough.

A little warmer today, still, I ran for mama's lap when she sat down after putting the groceries away.

Stay warm and cozy,


Shaggy and Scout said...

Our mom sits around home all the time. She is quite lazy!

Max said...

Hmmm, I think I'd rather curl on on a person's flannel shirt than wear one of my own. Heck, a box with a flannel shirt would be even better! OR I'd like an electric throw blanket like the Cat Who Came Before Me had, but I think you have to have a bad heart before a People will get one of those. But I'll poop on everyone and everything before I'll let them put clothes on me!

:::wanders off to see if the Man own any flannel:::