November 26, 2006

Quiet Sunday

The new woofie sent me a comment, but it disappeared. Hope you come back and visit!

I hope you all have heard of hug baskets. I sent little KC one for the weekend. It is a basket that is in your mind, and you fill it with hugs for someone. I squished a lot of them in the basket and teleported it over to KC in the hospital. I am also sending one to Tilly's family, cause they need one, too.

No jobbies to apply for today. I think that is because of the holiday weekend. We hope.

Sposed to be rainy the next few days and then really cold again. Yuck.

Mama gave me more treaties today.

I am going to catch up on some bloggies and if there is any news I will add a p.s.

Love, headbumpies, purrs, purrayers, and a nosekiss to my Sugar Pie,

p.s. Be sure to visit Lily and Iris 's new blog. They are the sisfurs of Mu Shue. Sisfurs unite!


Justin said...

Ya sure will visit the blog of Lily and Iris. And hey, you too can check out this post on my adorable kitties. I hope u'll like it...

God bless

Anonymous said...

it's effun rainin' here, an that's rare. Grr wuz kinda 'cited 'bout it tho, an wuz tryin' ta catch raindrips on the slidy glass door.

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

o, brandi, i luved tha hug basket. fanks so much.

kin u sends one to Ana? she be furry sick wif renal insufficiency. but she's gonna beat it cause she is a true gatorrista. she sez i am a sisfur gatorrista, a tough kittie.