November 24, 2006

The day after

Well, we had turkey, hamm and chicken yesterday! Whoohoo! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Today's goodies included some more turkey and some chicken treaties from a certain southern gentlecat and his mama. Don't get jealeous, Sweetums, they were just being nice to me, southern style.

Anyway, no jobbies. No shopping. Just a nice snuggly day today.

Be safe,

love and purrs and headbumpies for all (including my Sugar Pie),

BIG p.s. Please go to the Pet Prayer and Praise Blog tonight at 8:30 EST. Little KC has complications from her ladygardenectomy surgery and needs our help.
Also, Brendan of Caturday needs good thoughts, too.
And we mourn the passing of Tilly of the Tower Hill Mob who gave thanks for her life and her family and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Thanksgiving.


Edsel/The Pooch said...

glad you had good things to eat, we did too. thank you for saying to go do prayers for KC

Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi, We've been praying for everyone too. I know I'm lucky to haf you as my sweetie, I'm not jealous. It is nice you haf such a good furend to send you yummies.

Anonymous said...

turkey, ham & chicken - all in one day? woweeee! that's a good day!

we heard KC's doin' better an is expected ta recover okay, though she won't be home till Monday at the earliest. we're furry sad 'bout Tilly too, though she did have a long life full of love. it's just so hard to see a furry one go.