December 28, 2006

Mark this day

No, no, mama didn't get a job. It started out kind of nice (I snuggled on mama til she had to get up, and I think I must have laid on her hand for squillions of nappies). Then she wented downtown with one of her friends who had a birfday today. They had lunch and mama gotted to get her hair trimmed so it is pretty for interviews, and they shopped at Target. Mama just gotted milk and bread and juice and cheese and soup and stuff like that we needed. Then, when she gotted home there was a lot of heavy bags (milk and juice are heavy, and so was the soup and stuff).

Here's where you mark this day: Our nasty neighbor actually helped her inside with her stuff and was nice all the way down the hall! Wow!!!! I hearded him!!!!

I still don't believe it!

Left over Christmas spirit? Turning over a new leaf (mama says that's like a do over kind of thing)? Whatever, we will take it. Mama was very nice in return, of course.

Maybe there is help for the beans after all. He normally is pretty nasty, and he hates me.

And when mama camed home there was scritchies for me and one jobbie to apply for.

Love, purrs, headbumpies, and a special hi for my Sugar Pie,



Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

No jobbies yet? Those beans are just silly for not hiring your Mom! At least you are getting lots of attention from her!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Maybe wiv the nasty nayburr being nice to yer mum, her luck is changing, an she'll get a job. We hope so an we'll keep owr paws crossed.