December 17, 2006

Sunday, Sweet Sunday

Oh, my Sweetie Pie wrote a song for me! All for me! And he sented me two packages, but my mama won't let me open them til Chrissymouse!

How unfair is that? But I have two packages! And a song! All from my sweet Sugar Pie!

Mama let me send my own thank you card, though.

Oh, and the only jobbies this weekend were at her old jobbie. She applied for both of them. Silly people, you know how hard mama worked when she was there. You know she was well liked by the students. Hire her back!!!

Love, headbumpies, soft purrs and healing purrayers for those in need,
(and nosekisses for my wonderful Sugar Pie)


Anonymous said...

Two packages just for you, Brandi? That's really nice. It would be kind of weird if your Mama's old jobbie hired her back; nice but weird. At least she wouldn't have much adjusting to do. I'm still hoping hard for your Mama every day.

Spock said...

Oh Brandi! That am awesome!! MR Hendrix am all way nice like that aint he!! We am still purraying furry hard for you & yore Momma. Hope fings gets better soon.

The Crew said...

Oh Brandi, with the entire cat blogosphere prayin' for you and your Mom, somethin' good just has to happen soon.

Your friend
Misty E

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

Sigh, yoo have such a thotful boyfrend. All Rocky thinks about is "that" and nip. Well, o.k. that's pritty much wot I think about to *giggle*. Yoo are such a lucky gerlkitty to have such a nice boyfrendkitty. And to think, I wuz at da partee win he asked yoo to be his sweety.~Sadie