November 19, 2012

Monday Quinn

The lock change thing was SCARY! I wanted to run away and mommy held me really close and tight and hid my ears and everything. Then, when it was done, she said "I have to use seventy leben lint papers just to get the black furrs off my yellow shirt! Good thing I have backup papers!" I was sorry, but she said "I don't care.  I wanted you safe." What a Nice Mommy!
Mommy is worried about green papers.  She had to use lots of them for brandi going over the bridge and then more for me adopting her, and she just put in a foodie order for me (finally, some decent wet food!). She says she doesn't have enough green papers for a whole grocery list, and it's Thanksgiving on Thursday. There are so many auctions and blogs asking for green papers that makes me sad. I told her I can miss my wet foodies for a while, but she said, "No, you need to be healthy". Can anyone help? Human Mommies need help just like the shelter furry ones do.
We are sorry to hear about Huffle, one of brandi's friends, who ran off to the bridge to join her. I didn't even get to know Huffle, but brandi did, and I think she was happy to see a friend.  Now they can be Angels together, watching over us!
Goodbye, sweet Huffle.  Enjoy playing with brandi.  Neither one of you hurt any more. We'll have a nice party when we all meet.


Jans Funny Farm said...

We understand abut the grocery list even though it's Thanksgiving. We hope something good happens for you!

Seville at Nerissa's Life said...

I'm glad your mom held you tightly and protected you from the lock changing man. Moms are so very good that way. purrs