November 12, 2012

More from Quinn

My new mommy is maybe partly a kitty in disguise. She has been sleeping a lot. Lots and lots the last day. And making funny noises with white fluttery paper and her nose. That's not like a kitty. She says she doesn't feel good.  I think she feels really good.  Nice and warm cuddles. SHE says she has a cold. I think she has a nice warm. She calls it a temperature.
Anyway about that box thing. Here's what she says:
     I borrowed a camera from a lady down the hall.  It is not the same
     brand as my old one.  She took her memory card out and I put my
     old one in from my old camera. She gave me the disc  to program
     my computer.  I started taking pictures of my Quinny. When I try
     to send the pictures to the computer all I get are different 
     configurations of the brand name of the borrowed camera. Not 
     pictures. They are still hiding in the camera, where they can only
     be seen.  Do I need a completely new memory card or am I
     doing something wrong? I deleted the program twice and started 
     over, and still get nothing but "Vivitar" and no pictures. Is this
     why she lent me the camera?? It doesn't upload to the computer??
Do I know? No, I don't. Do you? I kinda want my cute pictures on here. So that all of you can see my cuteness. And maybe she will stop following me around with the "camera". As much.
Like I said, at least she's nice and warm.  And feeds me treats. Maybe someday I will take them from her fingers, but not just yet.  I will eat them out of her hand. She says that's a start.
Angel brandi doesn't know either.  She just says keep mommy warm and cuddle till she feels better. Okay.
oh, yea, can somebody send some kitty food? I don't like hers. And she says she doesn't have something called green papers to do anything about it for a while.
And, yes, I am micro chipped.  That's to keep me found if I get lost. It's important, now that I have a furever home.


Rene said...

Maybe your mom can do a Google search for Vivitar [model number] photo uploading help or something similar? Can she directly stick the photo card into the computer (or even printer) and NOT use the software? This is what our mom does.

Seville at Nerissa's Life said...

Sure do hope your mom feels real better, real soon. When peeps get colds and whatnot, they can be real demanding, I have found. She'll need lots of love and cuddles from you to get better. purrs

Brian said...

I don't know about those flashy things either but hopefully it will all get worked out soon so we can see you.

Mickey's Musings said...

Oh dear, we are sorry your Mom has a cold.That is not fun. We purr she gets better soon.
We are not sure why you cannot see the pics on your computer.Mom uses a card reader(she has a desktop)
When she plugs the reader into the USB port,a window pops up giving options,such as "Import pictures and videos-using Windows" or Windows Live Photo Gallery.
Do you get this box at all?
We hope somebody more tech savvy can give better advice.
Feel better soon Mom Carol.
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Keep your Mama warm and cozy, Quinn. You're the best medicine for her cold. XOXO

The Daily Pip said...

So nice to meet you Quinn! Welcome! Take good care of your mommy and I am sure she will feel better soon.

Your pal, Pip

Cotton said...

All these cameras is confusing!!
Have a nice Tuesday, guys

Tucker The Crestie said...

Hi, Quinn. Thanks for stopping by our blog yesterday. Finn is too young to date, but Tanner is a man-cat of age, and he does love the ladies. He'll take you for a stray cat strut anytime you like.

Sorry your mom is having problems with the flashy box. They do give the humans trouble sometimes. What kind of foods do you like?

Charlie @ Weekends with Charlie said...

I am so glad you are microchipped and have a forever home! You deserve it

Hannah and Lucy said...

Does your Mom have a programme called My Pictures on the computer. If she can find the pictures in there she can click on the little picture icon on the top of the blog and choose the picture she wants from my pictures and double clicks on it - it should then load onto your blog and you can write round it. She can also put as many pictures as she likes on the blog.
Hope that helps.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx